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Instructions for Use and Care For your Bodyblock
Bodyblock – Instructions for Use and Care for your bodyblock

Bodyblocks are used in many different environments for securing and elevating heads, arms and legs.  They should be placed on a secure supportive surface and the head or limb should be placed on the block on the most suitable setting (side) of the block in order to spread the load of the head or limb taking care to avoid excessive invasion into soft tissue.  Bodyblocks are not intended for use as a pressure relieving device, though they can be used in the short term for relieving a joint, such as a knee, whilst working on other areas such as a foot.  Bodyblocks are intended as a patient positioning device to improve access to head, arms and legs.

Extra care should be taken with patients with neuropathy or vascular impairment to avoid pressure lesions or occlusion.   They should be used with caution where patients are unable to communicate discomfort.  Clinicians should use their medical knowledge, training and professional judgment to assess the suitability of bodyblock’s usage with high risk patient groups.  Bodyblock does not accept any liability for improper use of bodyblock.
Care of your bodyblock and instructions for decontamination

Storage:  Avoid exposure to long periods of direct sunlight as Polyurethane is not UV stable and may result in deterioration and fading of the coating.
Avoid storing in visiting cases with sharp or abrasive objects to avoid damage.
Avoid using on abrasive surfaces which will wear corners

Cleaning:  Avoid abrasive agents such as scourers or scrubbing brushes which may damage the coating.
Avoid solvents, acetone and alcohol which will damage the coating.
Clean heavy soiling with a non-abrasive cloth, detergent and water before decontamination.

Daily infection control for chairside use: we recommend Clinell Green Universal wipes
We recommend placing sterile drapes over the block for Operating Theatre use or disposable papertowels for chairside use.

Autoclaving:  bodyblock has been tested on a 1 hour dry unwrapped vacuum cycle at 134C and wrapped steam 1 hour vacuum cycle at 134C without detriment to the integrity of the bodyblock, we however do not recommend that bodyblocks are sterilised in autoclaves as the principal method of decontamination.  They should only be considered for autoclaving if they have come into contact with potentially contagious material. If it becomes necessary to autoclave your bodyblock, it should be placed in a paper bag resting on a silicone sheet rather than metal (which can become superheated).  During the autoclaving process no other items should be in contact the bodyblock especially heavy metal objects.

In the past, bodyblocks have become damaged when autoclaved together with heavy metal objects which may distort the skin of the block.

They are suitable for use within Operating Rooms but equally can be decontaminated with Clinell Sporicidal wipes.

Bodyblock cannot accept any liability for improper cleaning or autoclaving contrary to our recommendations.

Longevity: Bodyblocks that are are cleaned with Clinell wipes or similar and are stored and used within our IFU guidelines normally can expect a lifespan of approximately 3 years.  Bodyblocks are manufactured in a heat molding process, therefore bodyblocks that are regularly autoclaved can expect to have a greatly reduced life expectancy due to the heating of the block, this can be months rather than years.  If in doubt about how the bodyblock will be processed in your sterilisation department, select the alternative method of Clinnell Sporicidal wipes.

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