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bodyblock is made of polyurethane with in a disinfectable skin and is CE marked.
The most practical way a bodyblock can be cleaned is with surface medical disinfectant sprays or cliniwipes but it can also be autoclaved or put in the dishwasher.  It’s so light it floats like a cork, weighing only 300g, yet robust enough to elevate the heaviest limbs.

Where will you find bodyblocks and who is using them?
Podiatry clinics Spas
Physiotherapy clinics Saunas (pillow)
Sports Therapists Hospitals
Rugby Clubs Holistic practitioners
Football Clubs Ambulances
Sports clubs Paramedics
Leisure Centres Nursing stations
Beauty Salons Phlebotomists
Massage Parlours Pilates Studios
Swimming pools Yoga classes
Reflexologists Antenatal groups
Osteopathic Clinics Reiki practitioners
Nail bars